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The Points and Meridians of Acupuncture (경혈도)

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The Points and Meridians of Acupuncture

Based on  the point locations found in Dr. James Tin Yau So's Book of Acupuncture Points, this chart combines 3 separate views of the human body and many smaller illustrations on one large format 23" x 36" chart.  The chart concentrates on channel point positions, but also includes the major extra points with contraindications. Locations were personally supervised by Dr. So and reflect the experience of his teachers and his understanding acquired from teaching thousands of students.

(Please note that the point locations and alpha -numeric point names on this chart reflect the Chinese teaching standards that were in place prior to China's Cultural Revolution.)

Size  23" x 36" 
Laminated for durability with eyelets at top corners for hanging.


Dr. James Tin Yau So 의 저서, Book of Acupuncture Points, 에 따라 인체의 정면, 흑면, 후면에 있는 경락 구조와 경혈명이 보기 쉽게 정리되어 있습니다. 가장 기본적인 경락 차트의 하나로 한의사 분들 외에도 통증 요법이나 지압, 침에 관심이 많으신 분들에게 유용한 차트입니다.

크기: 23" x 36"

코팅이 되어 있어 내구성이 뛰어나며 벽에 걸기 쉽도록 상단 코너에 구멍이 나있습니다.

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