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Hong Hoa Red Flower Analgesic Oil (홍화유)

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Hong Hoa (Red Flower) External Analgesic Oil

Hong Hoa, translates to Red Flower, Oil is to be used for minor aches and pains of neck and shoulder pain, arthritis, rheumatism and joint pain.

Ingredients include cinnamon leaf oil, safflower oil, and daemonorops draco resin (also called Dragon's Blood).
25 ml


홍화유는 목이나 어깨 등의 통증에 사용할 수 있으며 관절통, 류마니티즘 등에 의한 통증에도 좋습니다.
계피엽, 잇꽃 등의 성분을 포함하고 있습니다.

25 ml

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