Mild-Scented Medicinal Loose Moxa Wool (진영감 약쑥)
Mild-Scented Medicinal Loose Moxa Wool

Mild-Scented Medicinal Loose Moxa Wool (진영감 약쑥)

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Mild-Scented Medicinal Loose Moxa Wool

This is a high-quality loose medicinal moxa wool from Korea. It is perfect for moxibustion therapy. Its mild and smooth smell and smoke is great for professionals as well as novices. It produces perfect heat for a great moxibustion therapy. Moxa wool can be an economical way to enjoy great benefits of moxibustion than purchasing preformed moxa cones.

Produce of Korea
Weight: 2.2 lbs

NOTE: Direct moxibustion, indirect moxibustion, and/or warm needle moxibustion should always be administered under the direction or supervision of a qualified practitioner. Do not leave patients unattended during any moxa use. When using needle moxa, a protective shield, (i.e. aluminum foil), must be placed under and around the needle to protect the skin from loose or ash.

진영감 약쑥
중국 백두산 아래 지방에서 바다 바람을 맞으며 재배된 쑥으로서 국내에서 3년이상 숙성된 최상질의 쑥입니다. 다량의 쑥을 사용하실때 저렴하게 사용할 수 있어 좋습니다.

용량: 1 kg 

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